Dear all,
my problem concerns overstaying in taiwan for less than a month. I have been studying here for an year and then i went to thailand for a week. Coming back i found out the BKK office gave me only a month visa. My flight ticket back to my country is at the beginning of June so I will have around 20 days of overstaying. I have asked few private schools and they said i cannot extend the visa in taiwan. Police today told me that the best way is to overstay. If i overstay less than a month it will be only a 3000 nt fee. Is that true? Does anyone know anything more about that?
please let me know, time is running out, Thank you


Yeah, but if you overstay, you’ll have to stay out of Taiwan for double the time you overstayed.
This has happened to friends of mine. Overstay 20 days, stay out 40. PLUS you have a blight on your passport.
Don’t overstay. Just fly to HK for the day.
Hey, that rhymes.


i Know it will be the best option, but mostly is a money problem. flying to Hk will definately be more expensive than 3000 NT. Unfortunately moreover i cannot be back to Taiwan very soon, because my studies are leading me away. So i wonder. Thank you anyway and if u have any other new let me know


If you’ve already overtayed, like I did a year ago, you’re gonna lose your rights to visa-free entry (called a “landing visa”) for a year. It’s just a stamp in your passport (though a big ugly one I gotta say.) Going to Hong Kong immediately isn’t going to change anything on that front, except waste your money and time.
Follow the cops’ advice and pay your fine for overstaying until June. You’ll probably find it less hassle to settle up at the NPA foreign affairs division in advance, rather than risk delays at the airport on the date of your flight home. Just bring your plane ticket, cash for the fine and your passport (the NPA is right outside the Hsimen MRT stop). It takes 15 minutes tops. Sooner you go there and get your exit date stamped in your passport and on the back of your plane ticket by the NPA, the sooner you can relax.
As for Alien’s comments about having to stay out of Taiwan for twice the length of overstay – all I can say is I’ve never heard such bunk. Even IF she were correct, the sensible advice to give you would be to ride out your overstay and leave in June, as you said you won’t be back to Taiwan for a while.
In your case, trust the cops on this, its cheaper for you and far less work for them.


Michelle, you won’t get a lot of sympathy from airport immigration on this issue. I first came to Taiwan around the 921 earthquake, planning to stay for the 2 weeks visa free stay. Well, taken in by the earthquake, I decided to stay 2 more days, rather than 13, I stayed for 15 days. I tried to explan to the cop that I couldn’t get a flight ‘yesterday’, but he wouldn’t come to the party. I overstayed for 1 single day, actually closer to 12 hours. But got a big stamp in my passport the size of that new building out near warner. No fine, but for 1 year, no visa excempt entries. Alien, I wish your info was correct, because that would mean I would only have been barred for 2 days, but I got a year.


Actually come to think of it, overstaying on the 14 day visa excempt and overstaying on the 1 month visa are probably going to cop different punishments, maybe. Anyway I could still come in, but not on the 14 day excempt one.

quote[quote]As for Alien's comments about having to stay out of Taiwan for twice the length of overstay -- all I can say is I've never heard such bunk. [/quote]

Gee thanks, monkey, won’t speak such ‘bunk’ again.
This happened to a friend of mine about five years ago. Perhaps the laws have changed. He’d overstayed for a year and a half and even after getting a new passport and trying to come in through different locations like Philippines, Hong Kong and US, he couldn’t come back for three years. Full stop.
By that time, he didn’t want to come back. And never has.


Yes, according to what I hear they’re very strict recently. You might not be able to enter the country AT ALL for a year. This happened to a friend of mine.