What happens if you overstay in Taiwan? Not that I was thinking of doing it…

I overstayed for a week once and they stamped my passport with a note that said I was not allowed visa free entry for one year.
I have a US passport and this was about four years ago.

Two months ago, after some glitches with my working permit, I was unable to extend on time and overstayed for 1 week.
I had to go to the police station to declare it, they stamped my passport with a 3 or 4 days notice to leave the territory and I paid a fine of 3000NT.

After that, I went out of the territory (in Okinawa) and applied for a new 60 days visa (to restart the whole procedure). I had to give all the details and write a letter saying that “yes, I’m a low life slimeball 'cause I overstayed in Taiwan. However I have some good reasons and I beg you to have a new visa. I swear on my entire family’s head, I’ll never do that again. Be my offspring be cursed for 7 generations if I lie. Signed with my blood” :imp:
Well, actualy, that was more formal and not so scary, but that’s the feeling I had when writting it under the directions of the office manager.

Now everything is back in order.


Yuo were lucky Taurus. I had to write an “I’m sorry for overstaying” letter twice – once at the FAP headquarters here in Taipei and again at the Taiwan representative office overseas where I applied for my visa.

In a nutshell - don’t do it.

For a longer answer - search the Legal Forums (and maybe the knowledge bank).


yes, don’t overstay. Just stay over.

Oh, I forgot to add, there’s no reason to overstay at the moment. Most people should be able to get 30-day extensions without having to leave the country becasue of SARS. See post in the Legal Forum.


I called the police in December to see if I was supposed to leave the country or anything after leaving my job. They informed me that I had overstayed by two weeks already, and would it be ‘convenient’ (sic) to go on a visa run in the next week or two?

They also asked me to swing by the station with my ticket, once I had purchased it. I presented myself to the information guy, who gave my passport to one of the backroom guys, and 20 minutes later I was on my way.

No charge.

It was Christmas, but I was surprised all the same. I wouldn’t like to push my luck and do it again.