Own Rides Quarantine Hotel


Sorry if this is in the wrong place or been asked a million times before. I will be arriving in Taiwan soon, I need to book my hotel to finish my visa application.

Can anyone tell me what the current situation is for using Own Rides to book hotel in Taoyuan for quarantine? Their website has a list of supposedly legal Q hotels but there is (as far as I know) no official government list for Taoyuan, only one for Taipei. There are some cheap hotel rooms and apartments on there that I would be happy to do quarantine in, but I am worried about breaking the rules.

Also, are the subsidies absolutely running out at the end of the year, and would I have been able to make use of them anyway? (I am coming to work and will enter on a special entry visa which will then be converted to a normal resident visa)

Thanks in advance for any help or advice

The hotels on own rides are legal. Taoyuan doesn’t have a dedicated website like Taipei does, but there is no rule that you can’t quarantine in a different city or next to the airport. etc.

You aren’t eligible for a subsidy regardless unless you have an APRC which you can only get after a few years of living in taiwan.

One of the hotels on ownrides (Modern Hotel in Taoyuan City, $2500 ntd / day) is a holiday inn express.

here is the website, if you want to book directly and save the fee. (i heard the food they serve is bad, but you can get uber eats)