Owners of Family-Friendly Restaurants - Please Help Me

My blog (http://www.kidzone-tw.com) is a resource for English-speaking parents living in or visiting in Taiwan. It has been picked up by some sites like Lonely Planet and Asia Travel, and has a fairly good readership. Readers would like to know about family-friendly restaurants around Taiwan (not just Taipei but I can’t seem to post in a general Taiwan section…). Our family hardly ever eats out, so I don’t know of many places that truly fit the bill.

So, if you have such a restaurant, and would like to be listed on my blog, please email me. I don’t need an embellished promotional piece, just honest information such as:

  1. How family-friendly? (Babychanging table? Highchair? Kids’ entertainment? Children’s menu? Bottle-warming service? Children’s cutlery? Noise tolerance of other customers?)

  2. English-language friendly? (English menu? English speaking staff?)

  3. Style of food? Price range?

  4. Opening hours, contact info, website link, map/transport details

  5. One or two photos if you have them.

Email: crescentcitytaiwan at gmail dot com

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Try Malibu West on www.taipeipubs.com many families eat here and the staff are friendly and speak English.

Hungry Girl reviews restaurants in Taipei and notes whether or not they are kid friendly.