Owning a pet while renting?

I would like to own a cat and a dog, but from my limited experiences looking at the rental market, it seems no landlord allows this. Has anyone had any luck finding a place that allows pets? Any tips for finding one? Should I throw in some extra to get the landlord to change their mind?

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You can do it!!! Dont worry

591 has pet friendly options, you just have to filter through the offerings.


Depends on the kind of apartments you rent.

Most the time the shitty old ones the landlord don’t care. There’s nothing to break.

The fancy serviced apartment will have more restrictions.


Just look for an older building, and the subject probably won’t even come up.

Sometimes you can ask the owner of a place you like whether they can allow you to have a pet. Cats usually gets more of a pass than dogs.

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The last 4 places I’ve lived are newer, not serviced, but I was the first occupant. All have been ok with our dog. Even if the listing has the no pets option checked, ask…I think that often gets checked by default by the agent/owner.

Even the ones that say no pets will, in my experience, usually be ok if you ask.

Yeah, just ask. My previous place had a no pet clause but we explained our cat and dog would not destroy anything… it’s little kids who are much more destructive- drawing on walls etc!!

Before we adopted a dog, we double-checked our tenancy agreement. There was nothing in there about pets, plus all the furniture is ours, and the floors are tile… so any damage would be on our belongings.
So we just went ahead and adopted the puppy, and over the past three years, our landlord has grown to loooove our dog.
So, it’s definitely possible…

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My apartment is pet friendly. I saw a lady carrying her cat to the roof when she went to do her laundry. That cat was smart to want to head back down when I opened the door.
Anyway, I am allowed to have a pet, but my landlord said I can’t have a cat, because my apartment is furnished and the cat might use its claws to scratch the furniture. There is new furniture in my apartment. Plus I don’t know if I will last for more than I year where I am after I moved down from northern Taiwan.