Oxford Seminars TEFL

So I have an associates degree and I really want to come teach in Taiwan. I know you can legally teach if you have a TEFL and an associates so I was curious if the Oxford Seminars 60 hour classroom TEFL program is accepted by the government. Thanks

Having checked the website, I would be skeptical about any course which lasts for 6 days. I mean, what can they teach you in such a short time and provide you with the skills and give you confidence to deal with teaching English professionally… Why not just do a legitimate EFL training course, pay a few bucks more?

Hey, I completed my course with Oxford Seminars last year with my girlfriend and it was legit. I don’t think it necessarily helped me get my jobs here, but it couldn’t have hurt. Technically speaking though, you can get a working permit with only a degree. Not all schools require a TESL, and yes Oxford Seminars is accepted by the government. I also have two other friends that took the course.

If the government is accepting this course as legit, I’d be interested to see what other teaching certs they consider ok for teaching. Yes, a degree is sufficient for teaching in Taiwan, which is what the majority of bushiban teachers have.

I’ve been looking into the various options for TEFL/TESL/TESOL/CELTA certification, and from the reviews I’ve seen Oxford seminars seems to be one of the worst options out there. Most the better options seem to be 120+ hours over 4 weeks.