Oyster Bar

Someone mentioned s/he could point me to a good oyster bar in Taibei. Who was it? And can you please tell me?

I’m hoping it’s a nice place with fresh raw oysters and a good wine selection. :wink:

Thanks in advance,


Anyone at all?

I’ll treat you if you can find me a good place.

Well I will be watching this very closely… Been a while since I been to a good oyster bar!

Or cockles and mussels, alive alive O.
I want faggots and peas

Not really an oyster bar per se but try Pariss International Seafood Buffet. They do have fresh Canadian oysters and fresh mussels. They also have a reasonable bar selection including tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc. along with the usual wines, coolers and beers.
Location is JianKan Road and Guangfu Road corner, next to the Cloud Gate cafe. Website is www.pariss.com.tw
If anyone knows a real oyster bar with a more varied selection, please spill here.

[quote=“Yi”]…Pariss International Seafood Buffet. They do have fresh Canadian oysters…JianKang Road…www.pariss.com.tw
Binder Dundat. Nasty stuff.

There must be a good oyster bar in Taibei that serves unhuge ass oysters. Let’s cross our fingers and toes.

For dinner last night it was two dozen fresh oysters. Half dozen fried oysters. One smoked salmon. Two glasses of double Caesar to wash it down. Two dozens. My most in one sitting so far.

Going to an Oyster Shucking Party this weekend. Let’s make that three dozens in one sitting, shall we?

I loooovveee oysters - and have given up on finding good oysters in Asia. Anyway, they’re airfreighted so they not that fresh -at least not compared to what we might be used to - ah la fresh off the oyster dredge.

Save it for yor annual/bi-annual trip home. :frowning:

GAAAAH! Those things are totally DISGUSTING! :sick:

Face it 914, you’re just not going to get proper FRESH fresh oysters here – I can’t wait until my next trip home for a pig-out fest in a real oyster bar with a selection of 10 different kinds of oyster, especially when I can accompany them with a pint or two of the black stuff – the PROPER way to eat oysters.

White wine? WTF? Are you some kind of Calyfornayan or somethink? :wink:

Just kidding – I’m so envious of you! I’d almost kill for some oysters right now – even if I only had water to drink with them!