Ozone generator

I need to get rid of the smell of mildew and trash in my apartment. I’ve looked over the internet, but haven’t found anything.

Look at this post and the subsequent ones in the thread.
[forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … 701#110701](Dehumidifiers and air purifiers

The ionising function is commonly contained within an air cleaner which will also have a fan and a filter. They’re available at hypermarkets such as Carrefour and DIY shops such as B & Q. If you want to leave it switched on all night in your bedroom, you should do an internet search and form your own conclusion as to the health benefits or dangers.

Forget B&Q, if you need a purifer PM me.

I looked at the ecoquest one that has a ozone generator and ionizer combo for 25,000NT. I decided it was too expensive, considering the same thing can be bought in Canada for 15,000NT.

I eventually found a very good model at 145 Baofu Rd Sec. 2 in YungHo for 5800 and it has worked great for the last 3 weeks.