P2p Traffic Shaping comes to Taiwan?

I’ve been at extra-lan fiber for a couple years and they had practically given me my own 10 megabit pipe off the island. Until a couple weeks ago. I am fairly certain one of their upstream peers is doing traffic shaping on eMule p2p packets. My upload has dropped from 1000 KiloBytes/sec to about 50. My computer and network have not changed. This happens on both a Mac and a PC I own.

extra-lan gives all their traffic to hinet. Haven’t checked to see who hinet peers with. Local ftp tests to hinet remain pretty good. Well, at least more than 50KB/sec which I get on eMule now (used to get 1000). (Actually at this time 8PM I am only getting 300 - 400 kbits/sec upstream to hinet which could be considered a separate problem since I should get 1000.)

extra-lan says they’re not doing any traffic shaping. And they have said that all they can do is get the packets from my house onto hinet. But if I can’t get the packets off the island of Taiwan and into
the USA and Europe any more, they are not very useful to me. I haven’t changed anything; it worked at full speed until a couple weeks ago. Maybe I have been greedy, but I enjoyed my own personal 1 MB/sec pipe off the island for 2 years, so I know it is possible.

Maybe I must downgrade my service from to 2/2 megabit. extra-lan, or hinet, should talk to their upstream peers; unless this problem is solved, customers will buy less bandwidth from extra-lan, who in turn will buy less bandwidth upstream, etc.

Anyone else noticing this problem lately and suspect traffic shaping somewhere upstream? (I haven’t experimented with bit torrent yet).

yep… CHT is up to some cloak and dagger nonsense of late… I’ve noticed p2p and general speeds going to hell recently but more ominously they are playing silly buggers with our ADSL connections… We have 2 x 8MB ADSL lines for the office, and since I live across the road, I use them for my home connection as well even though we are registered with CHT as a business user…

recently I’ve found that CHT had been cutting our connections outside business hours, I assume to limit traffic… it started every Sunday morning where without fail the both ADSL lines would be down, I’ll call them, they “say but you’re a business user” to which I’d say well guess what we still need ADSL on the weekends, they’d come back with “well everything’s fine on our side it must be your equipment”… 5 mins after I hang up the phone the ADSL would magically work again every single time… after I called them on this Sunday shutdown phenomenon it temporarily stopped… I’ve now noticed most week days at 10pm sharp, our ADSL lines go down… co-incidence?.. I doubt it… :fume:

They always give you good speed the first months when you sign in … than they start shaping and if you don’t complain they get away with it … just as everything else in Taiwan you can get away with when you don’t complain … they always will shape traffic … on and off …

been happening to me for years too, no matter which ports i use, and how I configure up vs down speeds. (Azureus/ADSL/ Hinet). NAT is always good, swarms are often huge, and I still swear sometimes I’d be faster going there, writing down the packets and walking back to transcribe them into my end.

Would have posted sooner but my connection was down. Its been uncharacteristically flaky lately.

Tried some intra-island tests using ftp to…
ftp.adsl.hinet.net (after downloading, cd to uploads, then upload the file again)

The ftp runs at 40% of speed up, 100% down. At the same time, eMule runs at 5% of normal upload speed, for weeks now. And BT runs at 100% speed down. So my conclusion is that my (unchanged) PC and DGL-4300 are not to blame, that the local network is a little flaky (up and down, and slow uploads), and that eMule but not BT is being traffic shaped. Remember of course that you can’t get good BT DL’s without good UL’s, that is how the algorithm is designed, and thus ADSL is less than ideal. Though with private trackers if you’ve somehow built up some ratio it doesn’t matter since people are often lined up eager to feed your DL so they can improve their ratio.

Debugging networks is tricky, and if the ISP puts the burden on us, we’ll probably give up. Though, I won’t just give up, I’ll buy less bandwidth from them. And hopefully this will have a knock-on effect that sends a message to their upstream peers.

Anyway, in USA, Comcast is putting the screws to everyone, with arbitrary and unspecified limits after which they cut you off, and claiming the FCC has no jurisdiction over them. In Canada they’ve started deliberately slowing ALL encrypted traffic. Maybe its time to move to Sweden…

Hinet at my friends homes always has issues with youtube… I run seednet ~_~

Well, not an answer whether they’re doing traffic shaping, but here’s a solution if you’re using bittorrent.

Turn on Bittorrent encryption.

What it does is it encrypts the traffic so that your ISP’s traffic shaping can’t figure out WHAT your sending/receiving so it won’t throttle .

torrentfreak.com/how-to-encrypt- … t-traffic/

It really does work. I also suggest you don’t use the standard BT ports.