Pabst Blue Ribbon in Ilha Formosa

Hey guys,

In celebration of upcoming American Independence Day I wanted to know where can one find some Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer in Taipei or Taiwan at large? Thanks for your help!


I have one can in the fridge.
Beyond that, I have never seen or heard about PBR here.

Good luck with that. Let me know if you find a place that sells it, I’ll get on my fixie and go buy some. No, seriously, I would make the trip to Taipei just for a 12er of Pabst.

Ten thousand miles you go and that is what you want? Ice cold I’m sure! :laughing: :bravo:

Best bet for finding something like Pabst Blue Ribbon in Taiwan is at Jason’s Market in the basement of the Taipei 101.

Pabst is about half the price of Bud here in the bay area and that is probably the only reason to drink Pabst. But I doubt it will be very cheap in Taiwan. IF you want cheap I found BUSCH (made by Bud in Korea or something) to be drinkable and something close to 20nt/can in Taiwan.

But Pabst is better then that horrid BAR beer (made by Kirin in China i think) that is found at 7/11s. YES, there are beers worse then Pabst !

No PBR here as far as I know. I know that they have it in the mainland (China). It’s sold and marketed as a premium beer that has a special recipe different from the one found in the US of A.