Pacific island that's dirt cheap to fly to?

My Taiwanese g/f’s mom said somehting to her about an island in the pacific that’s atrociously cheap to fly to these days, simply because no one is going. It’s a direct flight from Taipei, only a couple hours. First she thought it was one in the Ryukyus. Then she thought it was Palau. But we looked up these places on the net, and found that both are still rather pricey to vacation in, and the former are nothing special when it comes to fun in the sun (reminds me of another large-ish, not-quite-a-country pacific island I know :wink: )

Is this completely a rumor, or is there really a nice vacation spot you can fly to from Taipei for really cheap nowadays, compliments of SARS? (cheap meaning like NT$1000 a person)

Why would an airline fly anyone anywhere for that price? No profit to be made. Perhaps you are thinking of the return ferry trip to Green Island.

WanderingDave, i think that your gf’s MiL was thinking of Palau. A local travel agent is advertising flights for NT$99 but this is part of a package and you still have to pay a fair wack for the hotel; still works out at about NT$20,000 for a week’s package, if i remember correctly.

Mark – yep, that’s the one. Wow, I think my g/f’s mom must be pretty gullible. Good thing she’s not seriously planning on going there.