Pacific people spread from Taiwan

Pacific people spread from Taiwan

Oh yeah…its all happening here on the island!.. :beer:

I remember one report a few years back making the same hypothesis based on the fact that something like 9 out of 10 austronesian language families are only found on taiwan. There was some genetic research also that further proved the point if i remember.

The one that always amazes me the most is that madagascar was settled by people from indonesia.

There was a documentary on Al Jazeera about a year ago called ‘Made in Taiwan’ about a Maori and his Cook Island friend who had genetic tests done and found a common ancestor in Taidong. They traveled here and discovered their roots. My Ami father in law looks pure Maori and would pass as a local in NZ. There’s no doubt about it. Polynesians come from the east coast of Taiwan. The Cook Island guy also has an ancient ancestor further back in Tibet, so that’s another clue to the further origen of polynesians, including the east coast tribes of Formosa. Linguistic, genetic and archeological evidence are continuing to shed light on this subject.

Taiwan is not Chinese and the original inhabitants did not come from ‘the mainland’ as some China propaganda suggests.

Whats less certain is where were they before arrival on Taiwan.