Pagans in Taiwan?

I am curious as to whether there are (it seems that there just has to be) other practising Pagans in Taiwan, more specifically Tai-pei. I am not really interested in forming a group or anything, just finding others interested in things esoteric/occult. My interests include Wicca, High Magick (Golden Dawn, etc.), Nature, Eastern Mysteries (my academic focus is Daoist ritual), etc. Basically anything mystical / spiritual that one could be want to talk about. If ANYONE out there is interested in discussing these things, please write a reply and we could set up a time for coffee or just chat on-line, whatever. Let me know with a response here.

See ya!

I sent you a response by ouija board almost three days from now! Why haven’t you reponded?

I saw an unusual arrangement of chopsticks at the Tong hua night market recently. Perhaps there was a full moon.

Sorry for my last irreverent post. Actually, I thought about becoming a goth about 15 years ago, but the clothes were too stupid-looking.

I must say Sandman, I like the cut of your jib!
I did reply immediately after I received your message, it just took me a day or two to track you down - why do you think I posted here anyways??!

And I must admit. although I appreciate all the black clothes and make-up, it is not really my thing. I am more of the bushwacking lumberjack type (jeez, I play banjo and fiddle for heavens sake!), though maybe I should look into alternatives … I don’t know what my wife would think though. Hmmm.

Well take care and if there any interested folks out there, let me know. Or Sandman and I will just chat.

Adios Amigos