Page 2 of "posts since last visit"?

when i click on page 2 of posts since last visit, i always get “no posts met your search criteria” as a response. why?

I had the same thing the other day - couldn’t even get the first page. Tried ‘past 24’ but was only able to get the first two pages of the seven pages available.
Seems to be ok now though.

i know sometimes if you do something like double click on the forums link, i guess your “last visit” is recorded as 2 seconds ago, and you get the problem like you described.

my problem is i’m already in posts since last visit, there are so many that they have to be on 2 pages. the first page no problem, but when i click on page 2 to read the rest, nothing shows up.

I have been having the same problem with other page 2’s recently. Always off serach functions though, not the forums. Sometimes it’s a search, sometimes it’s looking for ‘all posts by’. I try to opent he second page and get ‘no topics meet your search criteria’.


Still acting up again.
I check in fairly often and just now there were supposedly 22 unread posts since my last visit, but I got the ‘No topics or posts met your search criteria’ message. :frowning:

I’m also getting ‘invalid session’ when I try to post using quickreply.

My ‘Posts since last visit’ has got to the point of being unusable. It resets all the time.


Mine was giving problems but seems to have got better recently.