Page One 20% off all books Feb 14/15

Found out today… Page One (bookstore in Taipei 101) has 20% off all books Feb 14 and 15 only

Wow! For real? All books?

So do you figure this branch is closing, like the one in the Zhongxiao Fuxing Sogo? Or are they just shrinking by half again?

Thanks for the tip!

Shit! That’s exactly what I was thinking too! :doh: Last time they had a sale like this, the store shrunk by more than 50%. Let’s hope not…

The stuff they have 50 or 70 per cent off is really white elephant sale. It was really crowded, too, all over 101. Basement teeming with Mainland tourist groups -greeted by FalunGung silent protesters- and upper floors with Taiwanese looking for afternoon tea.

I got the Cesar dog behavior book and a cookbook as a present to a friend. Saved like 400nts, on stuff I was going to buy anyway. Now to fix that Amazon order…