Page One Bookstore

I went to Page One last Saturday and i was amazed by the size of the bookstore! It was well-organized and got some nice sofa that you can actually sit down and read. But I am more interested in sitting on the nice wooden floor by the window while reading :wink: You guys must go there sometime and you’ll definitely find the English book you want!

I went on sunday and was amazed…I thought I was back in the states. I didn’t check to see exactly the titles that they had, but still it was exciting. There were tons of people and media, so I was getting the “I must excape” feeling, but I did make it on TV!

I heard from my friend, a former Eslite employee, that books will come out at the same time in the US, England and Taiwan because Page One is going to send them to Taiwan by air. Also, you can request books and they will be sent to you within 1 or 2 weeks.

I’m sure that will have an unpleasant effect on the price, but probably the same if you order from amazon and have it shipped.

Taipei 101 gets better and better. Just the bookstore and supermarket (Jasons) will inordinately enrich this city and make the building a main magnet for foreigners and discerning locals alike. Now if only someone will open some kind of arthouse cinema and performance venue there…

I was surprised and disappointed that they only have english and chinese books like all the other bookstores in taipei. I don’t really see the difference.

Here’s the difference, based on searches I’ve done recently (and thus seem to be fair criteria for judgment). Are you looking for…

Daniel Quinn?
Page One: 0
Eslite (Tai Da): 1 English, 1 Chinese
Asia World: 0
Caves: 0

Books on Atlantis?
Page One: 8 in English (!!!)
Others: 0

Dan Brown?
Page One: 1 and 1/2 (audio book)
Others: 0

Page One: 5 in English (!!!)
Others: 0

Daniel Easterman?
Page One: 1 in English
Others: 0

Elaine Pagels?
Page One: 1 in English
Eslite (Tai Da): 1 in English
Others: 0

Mark Salzman?
Page One: 1
Caves: 1
Others: 0

Tibetan Buddhism?
Page One: Maybe 100 in English, didn’t look at Chinese
Eslite (Tai Da): Maybe 5 in English, a lot more in Chinese
Asia World: Maybe 10 in English, a lot more in Chinese
Caves: Maybe 5 in English

The newspaper said they got American comic books (Superman and Batman), but I didn’t see any. None of the other stores carry them.

Yeah, but you still don’t have Commercial Press and Swindon Books like we have here in Hong Kong. Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na… :smiling_imp:

But, do they have any really good porn? :laughing:

Anyone have the opening hours for Page 1? 24hr??

PAGE ONE in the mall next to Taipei 101 building. A Singapore chain supposed to have loads of English titles. Anybody been yet?

[quote=“WorkingVaca”]A Singapore chain supposed to have loads of English titles.[/quote]A Singapore chain? Huh? Page One is a Hong Kong owned company.

A few comments in this thread - but in short, yes, it’s great.

Yes, a Singapore-based international bookseller. They have a branch in Hong Kong, as well as other places in Asia. … 072328.htm … 2003097441

BTW, don’t know why the mods moved my question from the BOOKS & FILM forum to the end of this thread, where several posters have already provided info. Maybe they should have just moved this thread to the BOOKS & FILM forum in the first place?

Can someone tell me which MRT stop is closest to Page one/101? Thanks!

[quote=“Steeevieboy”]Can someone tell me which MRT stop is closest to Page one/101? Thanks![/quote]Taipei city hall, then take the free shuttle bus.

Taipei City Hall should be the closest, I guess.

Thanks guys! On my way there now!

Was there last weekend. All I can say is: Woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!

Like being in bookshop on the states. Huge, great variety of titles and even though it was opening weekend not too, too packed. The cafe looks nice but did not stop in. Don’t know if they will let you bring books in there to peruse whilst drinking coffee (I read they have Vietnamese coffee so I will try it sometime.) I thought it might be hyperbole when I read the review in the paper calling it possibly the best English bookstore in Asia but I have yet to see any better. That said I am no longer much of a fiction reader and did not check that section in much detail but the history, biography, music, philosophy, etc is most impressive. They even spoke English at the information counter.

I spent hours in there last evening. It’s pretty darn amazing.

I can’t say that I’ve been to such a well-stocked bookstore before. It’s vast, isn’t it?

The only section I noticed that was on the slim side was that of magazines.

Excellent selection of social sciences, fiction, history, art, business, hobby, food, etc. I came away with a couple of new titles. Prices are comparable to other bookstores. I foresee spending a lot more money there in future and asked about VIP. Clerk told me, “Not yet.” So please post here when you hear they’ve set one up. Ta.

Places to sit (inside) a bit scant, however. But cafes flank the shop and the mall is quite mod and cavernous on Level 4. Made me feel like HK. Also, it’s rather quiet there in the evening. Not crowded like Eslite.

Btw, they close up around 9 pm.

It might be the best in Taiwan, but it doesn’t match the megastores in Singapore (like Borders), or for that matter, even the larger bookstores in Hong Kong IMO. But I’m damn happy it’s here :slight_smile:

I loved it I loved it I loved it - it had all the authors I wanted, though not all the books I wanted, but then again none of the stores do.

IMHO the biggest bookstore in Asia is Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City in Singapore.