Paid mortgage and transfer of ownership question, death in the family.

Background info:
father in law before being deceased, it was known that one of two of his daughters wanted the house. He paid off the mortgage, and a month later passed away.
I have not seen the deed, but I am going to assume that my wife (daughter #2 who lives in USA) is not listed as joint ownership as of yet.

All parties agree that the daughter can get the house - but would need to pay off the other sister.
But now I ( the husband of daughter #2)… is being told that they cant rewrite the deed or make any changes because he is deceased now and his assets are frozen.
My question is this true?
How long do you need to wait?

Bonus Round:
There is also a car involved - same issue. The father in law owned the car, i didnt see the bill of sale, again I assume my wife is not listed as joint ownership.

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