Pain Killers

I just finished having an operation on my arm at Mackay Hospital. The doctor gave me morphine to help with the pain. He perscribed 10mg morphine pills but I don’t like morphine as it makes me feel like crap. Anyone here also feel crappy after taking morphine? My grandfather is allergic to it or something and he recently told me this when i complained about it.

so i went to the hospital to ask for demoral or vicodin and the hospital told me that it only had a little bit of demoral left and did not want to give it to me. They also said that they didnt’ have vicodin. Is it normal for hospitals to not have enough demoral for patients or no vicodin?

the pain is getting better and i didn’t need to use any more of the morphine.

however, for future situations where i need pain killers would anyone have any suggestions for me in getting something other than morphine? i might need to have a shoulder operation for arthritis in my ac joint and don’t want to go through this again.

i kind of got the feeling that they - nurses and doctor - didn’t want me to have any pain killers. not sure why but that was just my impression.