I only played paintball once in Damshui b[/b], but am wondering if there are any other places around taipei?

Hello! You can play paintball in Chinsan b[/b] near Keelung…they have the same set up as US, but they have high charges… You can go in and play as a member or walk in type of game. :wink:


There’s a place near Wulai. I once played there and it cost about $800NT, which is actually much cheaper than in Australia. However, they were a little “tight” on the supply of pellets (about 100 each), so you could expect to fork out a little more money to buy some more.

We were advised to go through a “training” run, which necessitated running around a course firing at fixed targets. Pretty boring. But the fun really started when we teamed up.

Oh, be careful if you’re playing against “seasoned” Taiwanese players. To many of them, money is no barrier, so they bring their own equipment. We were splattered by about 1,000 pellets/second, as some of them (our opposition) had brought along paintball machine guns and bazookas. I’ve heard you can also buy grenades, but to me it all defeats the purpose of just having fun.

You can call the Paintball Association on 2740 9928. I think the guy’s name is Peter. The people I spoke with are very helpful, but could only speak a little English, so be prepared to use some Chinese. They will be able to advise you on venues around Taipei.

Good luck!


By the way, if you can get a group together, why don’t you post a notice on the site. I’ve got a few friends who are certainly interested.

Can anyone help me out with finding the various paintball locations around? I’ve never been (here or otherwise), and it would be fun to do while my brother is in town.

There is an indoor range at the basement of the Jungle Shopping center in Shilin / Chisan b[/b] (near the night market - or former night market … haven’t been there for a while).

Also got a go-cart track there - indoors, too.

Does somebody want to post a date and venue where a large group of people can get together and kick ***

I’m just starting to organise a Paintball activity for my work colleagues, and have been collecting a little information… At this stage, I’m planning to go to the centre out at JinShan, and do something in early April. The JinShan centre seems to be better organised and more accredited than other places (e.g. they provide insurance cover for it’s players).

So, if anyone’s interested, I’ll post some info about this place, including how to get there from Taipei.

I’d like to suggest we organise a “competition” for late Feb or early March.


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I’m in. Been trying to get info for a while. That place in the jungle just lets you shoot at targets :frowning: .

Count a pom in also :wink:

By the way is this in indoor or outdoor venue?

Are dogs allowed? How are we going to form teams? Where can we buy cheap paint balls ahead of time?

Hey, does anybody know if there’s a paintball organisation in the Kaohsiung area?

Yeah, if anybody knows a place in Kaohsiung, I’d like to give it a try, too. Hope somebody has found something by now.


I wonder if anyone knows if there are any organized places for paintball in or around Taipei. I was told of a place in Chung-HO a while back but would appreciate any specifics.
many thanks

Ther’s one in or near Xindiuan, one up by Tamshui, and one in Jinshan. So a search on thisd site and you’ll find addresses.


One of students last night told me he works for a paintball outfit on YangMin Mountain…phone number is 0935-686-614. Keep your head down.

There’s a paintball place at Jungle City, right beside Shihlin Night Market. It’s on the basement level and is essentialy a car park converted for paintball use.

Thanks for the replies, it’s the one in JinShan that I’d to find further info, unfortunately I couldnt find the number when I back searched…

Any help