PAL to NTSC conversion

Does anyone know where I can buy a system converter from PAL to NTSC ? I have the PAL tapes, the UK-spec VCR and the Taiwan TV (neither of which is multi-system).

This conversion must exist, but I cannot find it.
And while we are on the subject, anyone know where I can buy a macrovision squisher, so I can tape those PAL tapes to DVD ?

Any help appreciated…

Try the electronic stores at the southwest corner of ZhongHua / ZhongXiao Rd., i.e. just north or Ximending / west of Peimen (Northgate).
Seen some converters in the window of one of the shops there.

Alternatively try the underground shopping mall in the southwest corner of the GuangHua market area (not below the bridge!), close to the junction of XinSheng and BaDe. There are some electronic shops in the basement (B1 / B2)

Why not get yourself a TV capture card like Winfast XP or the like. Some can accept video in PAL and NTSC. Hopefully some here can tell us which cards accept both standards.

With the video program supplied by the TV card, you could make DVD