Palm M130 and crunching noise

I’ve had my M130 for about 7 months now and I’m still not clear on taking it out of the hot sync cradle. I take it out the way the manual tells me to (I think), pulling it forward but it makes this loud crunching sound that I don’t remember hearing with my old Palm.

Does anyone have the same Palm/cradle? How do you take yours off the cradle?

I have a Palm m515 and it does the same thing. Freaks me out all the time because I used to have a Palm V that was completely smooth out of the cradle.

Okay, that makes me feel a little better. I’m just afraid to damage this one because I don’t like spending money on this stuff to begin with. How do you take yours out? Pull forward?

I pull my m125’s top section forward, thus releasing some kind of thing lower down. I think if you tried to pull the m125 up vertically to release it, it might bend or break some little plastic bit.

I don’t use the cradle much now because I bought an infrared receiver that plugs into the serial port of my desktop pc. It works well although it’s slower than the USB cradle. I use it because I have the m125 in a hard case all the time- it stays clipped in there even when I use it. I didn’t want to wear down the little plastic connectors by taking it out of the case every time I hotsynced.