Palm PDA dilemma

I have decided on two pda’s to get so I can download the oxford dictionary onto them: the zire 71 or the tungsten E. The zire has some nicer features like voice recording and builtin camera but the tungsten E has twice the ram, 32 as opposed to 16. So which one should I pick?

New models with Palm OS 6 (descended from BeOS) are to be introduced next month. Of the two models you mentioned, I would choose the Tungsten E. The extra features of the Zire do not appeal to me, but the extra RAM in the TE does.

The Zire 71 does not have voice recording. The camera is reasonable but not wonderful - it can be useful for taking snapshots of the kiddies to send to the parents if you are a teacher. However, on the whole if I were buying again I would spalsh out for wireless instead of getting the camera.