Palm pda help (for chinese study )

ive stumbled accross a palm 3x for sale, ive done some research and ive found that it has been discontinued. also, the buyer wants 3k for it. is this reasonable…i did a check on ebay but there wasnt much there.
also, it has os 3.1 can i upgrade the os? if not, is supermemo compatible with that os?
i have decided to heed the advice of ironlady regarding pda for flashcards, but i dont want to pay throught the nose as i dont need a pda for the sake of organisatioon, i never even bothered to use a pad and paper so i dont need to pay 15k or whatever for a tungsten.

Ah, the Palm IIIx. It served my well…:slight_smile: I don’t know if I would recommend it for learning Chinese. It only has 4MB of RAM. Find out which programs you want to use before you buy it and see how big they are. Don’t forget to include your Supermemo data files (and the Palm OS - if I remember correctly the OS takes about .2MB). 3,000 is too expensive unless it is brand new, still in the box, etc. You can get factory refurbs from Handspring for $99US or a new handheld for as little as $129US. Plus these machines have an upgrade slot. Also, Palm has the m125, also expandable, for $139.

Search ebay again using palm iiix instead of palm 3x and see what you get - I got 100’s of hits.

thanks for the speedy reply, it would be too inconvenient for me to buy online aS I dont have a credit card. i believe that the iiix is also upgradeable…how much ram is needed?

If it was in the box still, than yes it would be ok, but considering what even a decent new one can cost, that is too expensive for a used one.

I bought a handspring visor prism, color screen, CJKOS, and 8MB of ram for $7500. You’ll probably need to buy the fullsized collapsible keyboard which will run you another $2000NT. Trust me, it is worth the investment.

Be careful though I have a lot of money in my PDA. The damn thing is just so useful. I can’t even believe it.

I have the following setup approaching about $20,000NT

Handspring visor prism
fullsized collapsible keyboard(FCK)
MP3 player
digital camera
128 MB of Extra ram
Oxford Chinese/English dictionary
extra travel recharger for with plugs for here and Hong Kong

I still need supermemo and a doodle program for drawing maps.

You’ll be able to write a lot of papers, email, and reports if you have the FCK. I can just sit there for an hour typing and listening to my MP3 player. It really is great onec you find all the stuff you want. I haven’t even started on getting games on it yet.


I believe I saw a brand new 3x for 3,000NT at 3C when I was PDA shopping (that’s a lot of 3’s). On I saw used ones starting at 1000T on ebay Taiwan. Since you mentioned Supermemo…

I finished inputing shida’s book 1 into supermemo this morning on the MRT. I’m gonna go back through it and check for mistakes tonight, but it should be availible for all soon (for free or really cheap, I don’t know).

well, that sounds nice, but instead of charging for it, how about exchanging for something?
what/where is 3c?

[quote=“Southpaw”]well, that sounds nice, but instead of charging for it, how about exchanging for something?
what/where is 3c?[/quote]

I don’t plan on charging for it, but sometimes it’s better that way. If you want it send me a pm and I’ll email it to ya.

I believe [THIS] is 3C’s website. If you can’t read chinese (like me :smiley: ) click [HERE]. The HERE is palm’s website, they have a list of vendors for a promotion and 3C is on their with a bunch of other one’s.

…can i ask for further opinion about the 3x as a medium for supermemo? i might ge tthe buyer down in price, it is also new and boxed. is it easy to upgrade it? is the memory cheap?

If your just talking about using it for supermemo, the memory issue should NOT (oops) be a problem. The supermemo program is 75k and the database I made is only 85k. The only thing left to worry about is how much memory the Chinese OS will use.

Thanks, pm on the way!

The Palm IIIx is upgradable to 8MB (with a Palm proprietary upgrade). However, Palm no longer sells the upgrades. Your best bet, if you want to upgrade it, is to try and find the upgrade on ebay or something.

I use CJKOS on my Clie and it uses 1300K. Here’s a couple of links … _setup.htm