Palm service in Taipei

Any day now my old Palm is going to die. I hadn’t realized how much information I have in there that I don’t want to lose. :frowning:

I’d love to have one of those Sony Clies but can’t justify the 15,000 yet. My husband has an old Palm V that just needs the screen replaced and it should cost about NT3000.

Anybody had a Palm replaced or repaired here in Taiwan? How was the service? How long did it take? And where are they located?



Don’t know an answer to your question, although I’ve seen a lot of Palm/PDA vendors in the underground area at Guanghua Guangchang. Perhaps they could tell you.

Have you seen the the new Palm from Palm? I was waiting for it. Waiting for it so patiently. Finally a Palm OS device that is color and with BLUETOOTH and a mini-plug headphone jack!! so I can sync with my PowerBook and cell phone without carrying cables!! And perhaps listen to MP3s with the exapansion MultiMedia Card.

I think it is the first model to use Palm OS 5.0 since Palm is fianlly moving over to ARM processors that the Windows PocketPC platform uses. They are three to five times as fast. I think Palm has always used the lower-powered Mototorola Dragonballs.

Jeremy, that new Palm looks pretty cool… wish I could justify $500 US :frowning: