Panama hat

DJ’s has a lot of different styles, both men and women; and prices are reasonable @200-600nt. But the material are the same, some kind of grass material. Some of the fashionable hats are on the heavy side due to the tight weave and may not have sweatbands. I picked up a couple of wide brim lighter versions with more of an open weave and piping on the outer edge.

I looked it up on Google Maps. I’ve been to that place. It’s not the one I was referring to above. I think that DJ’s Hats had a lot of synthetic hats from China and a few natural ones from Taiwan. They certainly had a large selection and lots of customers.

Definitely not a fine hat shop; no offered sizes. LOL
It’s a tourist hat shop, howevery my wife found a very nice hand made fan and I scored two nice summer straw hats for 200nt each (with sweatbands)