Panic attacks

When I was in a difficult position several years back, I talked to a doctor and they prescribed me Dogmatyl for my anxiety at the time. Absolutely wonderful. It made me feel like me and I was able to tackle the underlying stressors and fix my problems. When I got to a better spot, I started taking less and less and weaned myself off of it. Life is good and no longer on the meds.

Of course, ask your doctor to ensure it is right for you.


I know what you mean. I never imagined I would get a panic attack as I’ve pushed myself mentally and physically. If you’re like me, I compartmentalize issues in my life. And just keep pushing forward. But I guess the weight of it got too much at one point. I think it’s more your mind telling you that you need to slow down and face those things.


For me, more than one coffee a day makes me anxious. Even one is too much sometimes.

That sounds reasonable to me.

I am glad to hear you are no longer in a difficult position, @Marco. I don’t think medication is for me, but I am open to talking to my doctor about it if the attacks continue.

I remember when over-the-counter “wake up” pills were in vogue in the early 90s. Used to bring them in and pass them around during religious studies classes (I went to a Catholic HS). One dude took 10—had to go to the docs. I took 5 and had to go to the walk-in clinic. We were pretty dumb to take them in those quantities but it sure made for an entertaining class as people got so hyper.


Have you been watching more cable news?

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I don’t watch the news.


You may want to get checked. My husband was feeling nauseous and faint, and it was his heart rate slowing too much. He now has a pacemaker. He still has to watch blood pressure. We’re very lucky to have him around.


Just so you know you really have to know what you think might be the problem, as doctors here won’t spend a lot of time with you. However once they know what the problem is, you will get help.

I should have qualified that I am in London. I appreciate your suggestion though, TL.

I went out for a chat with a good friend (my running buddy who I have neglected for the last six months) just now, he helped me put some things into perspective. While my work is easy, it’s not the work I want to be doing, and really some of it is still teaching, just with a different client base. I need an exit strategy from some of my work, and a deadline for when I will cut the cord, to help me focus on my real goals. I’ve been chasing easy money at the expense of my physical and mental well being. The panic attacks are a clear sign that I’m not doing what I want to be doing. It was very helpful to sit and talk to someone who has been witnessing what I’ve been doing and who could give me an outside perspective. He’s been through similar things which was also helpful.
I’ve been neglecting myself and my relationships at the expense of gathering easy money.