(Or is this one of those things, that if I don’t know what it is, I won’t know where it is?)


Anyhow! :wink:

It’s an Italian bread, popular at Christmas time, with all kinds of candied fruits and nuts baked into it.

It’s not the same as “Christmas Cake” or that really solid dark brown stuff. It’s more flaky and tearable. But, in no way terrible.

Yummy. Goes great with Ovaltine.

I saw it in Jasons the other day. I didn’t look at the price though… :smiley:

I picked up one at Costco a few weeks before Christmas, but it was not the best.

Last year, they sold them at WeCare. This year, they obviously don’t (at least not at the Kungkuan branch) :frowning:

Have you checked the Breeze supermarket?

Thank you Citizen, Meeshel & Iris!

I’ll go look.


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