Papa Jordan School (喬幼國際幼兒學校)


So I have an interview soon at Papa Jordan School doing kindy, they appear to have several branches around Taipei, however I can’t really find much information about the school. Can anyone who knows about this school provide me with any advice about what this school is like. Also is it related to Jordan School or is it something completly different.

Thanks in advance.


I had an interview with them. They are run by a traditional lao ban nian named Annabel. She speaks good Chinglish. Even her name is spelled like a Taiwanese obasan’s name. The place had a table full of fruits and perishable goods and incense blocking the front entrance as customary of many businesses in Taiwan that you pay respect to the gods because they bring in good business. It’s not a good fit for any respectable teacher. A school that pushes religious agenda onto the students and is run by conservative Taiwanese bosses. It’s 100% a business and not a place for education. This is their tealit ad: … anguage=en

I refused to be given the runaround when they asked me to run to another faraway branch for another interview and demo after the initial interview and demo. Any chain school that is well managed will evaluate a teacher once and transfer it to different branches. The fact that if another position needs to be filled requires another interview at another branch shows poor management and that branches don’t work together.


Yes they are a terribly organized school, with that I totally agree with you. They also run a kindy and without kindly licenses the foreign teachers will be deported


Sounds like a fast food chain in the US. You sure they are not selling pizza?


You stole my reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess the founder traded pizzas for buxibans after he was fired for dropping the ‘n’ word during a conference call.