Paper Craft Market

Does anyone know of an area in Taipei that has a lot of paper (or school supply) stores in one place? I’m looking for stuff like stickers, card-making supplies, papers etc. I know of individual stores all over the place, but I was wondering if there are any streets or markets that would have a whole bunch of these stores all in the same area. Thanks.

I don’t know of any streets or markets like this but I would just do two things:

Go to the Paper Museum where you can find gorgeous handmade papers. I can’t remember the address but I think the road was Chang An East Road. You should be able tofind more info with an internet search.

If you like some of the stickers that are made here in Taiwan, or at least by Taiwanese companies, just buy a few at retail, look for the label with phone number or website address, and contact them for wholesale information.

One that comes to mind is Lily (try and (rubber stamps and ink pads).

Su Ho Paper Museum

Chang’an East Road Sec. 2 No. 68 (just east of Songjiang)
tel. 2507-5539

There’s also a separate store a few doors closer to Songjiang.

Thanks for the information! I did go to the paper museum and the store a few doors down last week. They had beautiful papers. I will try the other suggestions as well. Thanks again.

Costco has large school-supply size boxes of stickers, paper packs (colored paper A4 and white art paper), as well as a wooden stamp set with 54 wooden stamps and four large stamp pads for 1100 or so. They also have large packs of washable markers, fancy scissor sets…