Paragliding in Yilan contact info?

I’ve seen plenty of paragliders at Wai’ao beach in Yilan and want to do it in 3 weeks. Does anyone have contact info for the company there? If not there, other places in northern Taiwan will work too but i kinda have my heart set on that spot (it’s a milestone birthday thing). Everyone says you can go paragliding there but no one has actual info on how to go about it! Thanks all.

Here is their website:, which lists their phone number as 0935181191, and a couple of email addresses:,

I drove up to the launch area one time to watch the paragliders take off. I’m too chicken to try it, but I hope you have fun.

thank you so much Steve4nLanguage. i believe this is what i’ve been looking for.

Read up on this first …

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Would be very interested to know as well. My father is a big fan and would love to do it in Taiwan.

just read the link, can delete