Paraguay abandoning Taiwan support

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[quote]Paraguay to reverse support for Taiwan at UN
By PEDRO SERVIN, Associated Press Writer
Mon Sep 1, 1:05 PM ET

Paraguay will reverse its historic support for Taiwan at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly, and also is reconsidering its relations with communist regimes.

President Fernando Lugo said his government wants to maintain diplomatic relations with all countries of similar interests.

“Paraguay’s foreign policy will be independent under my government and will not accept conditions,” Lugo said in a local television interview Sunday.

Paraguay, the last South American country to recognize Taiwan, has supported the island since 1957, voting every year in support of resolutions to admit Taiwan to the assembly. Nations that recognize Taiwan don’t have diplomatic relations with communist China, which considers the island a renegade province.

But Lugo’s election last April ended 61 years of one-party, conservative rule under which Paraguay distanced itself from communist countries. The leftist president, who was inaugurated Aug. 15, said he wants to establish relations with China, which has boosted its diplomatic and trade ties with Latin America in recent years.

Lugo also said he is considering an invitation to visit Cuba from former President Fidel Castro.

But Lugo says he is not following in the footsteps of another South American leftist leader, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has established close ties with China and Cuba.

“I will not be influenced in any way by President Hugo Chavez,” Lugo told Channel 2 television in Asuncion. “My government will not copy any foreign political model. We have our own reality different from that of other nations.”

In return for Paraguay’s 51 years of support, Taiwan has sent millions of dollars to the impoverished country for low-income housing, agricultural development and scholarships. Even now, Paraguay’s senate is considering accepting a new donation from Taiwan of $71 million.

“We will no longer vote (at the U.N.) for Taiwan despite the fact that we recognize the aid the country has provided,” Lugo said.

It wasn’t clear what impact the new president’s position will have on Taiwan’s latest offer of help.[/quote]

Sorry, a lot of things going on at once. ^^;

There goes another country support which comes down to money. >_> Sadly.

Paraguay has enough troubles of its own, without adding any pressure from you-know-who’s …

It’s old news. Lugo has been pro-China for years and years. This was a done deal as soon as he was elected and the government here were well aware of it.

you gotta love this “We want your money, but couldn’t give a f**k about you…” deal…

But this is going down the drain, as nobody will care… we are all absorved into knowing how much money Chen has in his accounts… god help us from looking pass that…

Maybe CSB should return some of that money so that we can return to the good old KMT days of dollar diplomacy… :slight_smile:

Did I mention I saw a pig fly over Taipei 101 the other day as well…

I wonder if the Paraguayans will send their lothario Diplomat (the one that gave the local girl genital warts) to China.

[quote=“ac_dropout”]Maybe CSB should return some of that money so that we can return to the good old KMT days of dollar diplomacy… :slight_smile:

Did I mention I saw a pig fly over Taipei 101 the other day as well…[/quote]

You saw Sean Lien doing skydiving?

Knowing current Latin American leaders, 5 billion is not enough for any them. Why, that’s what they make out in a year.

I see it more as: “We never gave a fuck about you in the first place, and you knew that very well indeed, but your money was good. Now you’re paying us penny-ante. Pay up or don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.”

Oh, this is a good one:

[quote][Truce’ paying off: Presidential Office

HOLDING ON:: The fact that Paraguay has not switched ties to Beijing, despite its president’s remarks, was proof that Ma’s proposal was effective, an official said

Debatable, very debatable.

[quote]The ministry also rebutted AP’s report that the Paraguayan Senate was contemplating a US$71 million aid offer from Taipei.

Taiwan never made such an offer and all foreign aid must first be approved by the legislature, Chen said[/quote][/quote]

Pushing, pulling… all part of the negotiation. Dangerous teritory for all involved, if you ask me. paraguay is too dependent on external aid, plus its officials too used to the “cream” to resist. China keeps on making inroads, but if the ROC just rolls over, then the PRC is also left without incentives to match the payments. If ther eis no “war”, why fight (pay up)? And Taiwan, ayyayayyyy, I do not think the “money saved” will be employed for local development. On teh contrary, that is money that we do not have and hence cannot spend.

Can anyone think of any Paraguan products we can boycott?

CoCaine and old Nazis.

That would be a good fancy dress party theme.

Seems Haiti is following the leader also…

Ma already said Taiwan (or the ROC) is not a country, it is a region, so now we can definitely stop to call him President, and to call him Leader, or Regional Manager, or something like that…

[quote=“mr_boogie”]Seems Haiti is following the leader also…

Ma already said Taiwan (or the ROC) is not a country, it is a region, so now we can definitely stop to call him President, and to call him Leader, or Regional Manager, or something like that…[/quote]
Actually it’s more complex than that, like medieval theology … 2003422244

[quote]Presidential Office Spokesman Wang Yu-chi (王郁琦) said yesterday that the cross-strait relationship was not one between two countries but a special one defined by the 11th amendment to the ROC Constitution.

The article describes Taiwan as the “free region” and China as the “mainland region.” Wang said the two regions are equal and have two ruling authorities whose relationship is not between the central and local governments but one that is equal between the “Taiwan region” and the “mainland region.”

Wang said that while Ma has redefined cross-strait relations and proposed to assert sovereignty and shelve disputes, Ma’s policy was not a concession or surrender. Although both sides have different claims over their territory and the disputes over sovereignty are difficult to resolve, Wang said the administration would protect the sovereignty of the ROC, insist on the “three nos” and continue to extend goodwill to Beijing.[/quote]

Wait until you read Ma’s interview with El Sol de Mexico… if they publish the whole thing in English. 1984…

Swaziland next? Instead of spending millions on the agricultural and medical missions and on scholarships to African students (who Taiwan deports when they have HIV and sends them back home without any medical assistance as they did with the student at NCCU), why don’t they supply the King with some more wives. I’m sure he’d like a harum of Taiwanese women to add to his 13 wives. :laughing: That would really strengthen relations.

Perhaps introductions were made at this shindig :smiling_imp:

I wonder why Taiwan hasn’t dropped Paraguay already. You gotta love the fact that even though that country no longer supports Taiwan, Taiwan is still continuously paying for it. But then this is what happens when you play the dollar diplomacy game with China. If Ma is smart, he should drop out of this game by refusing to pay off any of its “allies” any more. That way China won’t have the incentive to offer even larger payments.

I am indeed sad. This is tragic. Paraguayan girls are HOT. Well, at least…

And this is the extent I give a shit about this “issue”. Two second-world developing nations have a tiff. Ho-hum, no one in the rest of the entire world cares.

Don’t temp this, mods, this is how 90% of the posters here actually, genuinely feel about the glorious empire of Paraguay snubbing the mighty power of the grand isle of Taiwan. Someone here has to rip off the emperor’s clothes and reveal this farce for what it is – two tinpot quasi-democracries squabbling like chickens over dollar diplomacy. I mean, in the Americas, Paraguay is the equivalent of Luxembourg or Leichenstein or San Marino or Andorro or Belgium. Taiwan is the equivalent of Cuba. Two non-entities.