PARC and "bad behavior"

I have a dispute with a local company about a payment, which (for good reasons) I am unwilling to pay for.
I am waiting for my PARC, so until I have that I am trying to “extend” the issue.

Nevertheless I do wonder, what kind of impact this could for my PARC ?
Everybody should follow the rules and laws, and I guess foreigners are under special watch,
but things like that (eg no payments), what possible consequences this could have ?
Any chances you might loose your PARC right ?

And no, I won’t go in details, but the sum all together is roughly 10.000 NT$
( for most here, this is peanuts, but not for me, and besides, my actions are more based
on princip rather common sense)


Don’t u need to have a clean legal record to get a PRC?

Let the 10,000$ slide off your fingers and get your PRC before engaging unlawful activities.

Good luck MOTI :slight_smile:

Will it lead to a criminal conviction?