PARC job?

If I get a PARC and an open work permit, does that make me eligible for business or editing/translating jobs? Will I still have to go through the whole two years relevant work experience nonsense?

You can work anywhere. You can pump gas or sell binlang if you want.

Thanks for the reply. So now here’s another question. If I’m about 45 days shy of the 5 years mark because my school didn’t finish my first ARC until about a month and a half into my first contract, but I’m leaving my job at the end of august. Suppose I don’t find a new job right away and have to do a visa run, will that reset my 5 years timer?

Once you achieve the 5 years, you’re ok. You can leave and come back (within a certain time frame…2 or 5 yrs maybe ) as long as you spend 183 days/year in country. If your work permit and ARC expire before that mark and you do a visa run, you will indeed begin the clock over again.