Parc police record

The Tainan Bureau’s site says that you now need a police record from Taiwan and your own country. Can anybody verify this as true.

[quote]IV Required Documents:
A. One copy of application form
B. Two 1" front, hatless, bust photos taken recently
C. Passports (new and old ones)
D. Alien Resident Certificate or the certificate of lawful period of residence
E. Certificate of pasing health examination
F. Certificate of payment of (or exemption from) taxes in the recent 3 years
G. Certificate of property or special talents and skills
H. Certificates of police records of applicant within the recent 5 years, both of his/her country and this country
I. Other relevant evidencing documents

True. And the one from your country has to be verified/stamped by the TECO Office closest to it’s place of issue, translated and the translation authenticated by a notary public.

It’s been that way for as long as I’ve known. When the APRC applications were taken by the foriegn affairs police it was just something they printed out for you when you applied, but now that the offices have changed it might not be as easy. I also didn’t need to have my translation notorized. I only had to send it with my CCRD to my nearest TECO and they authenticated it along with my CCRD in one complete package.

TECO’s service is equivalent to a notary’s in the eyes of the NIA, AFAIK, so if you have both the original and translation certified by TECO, you should be fine. My comment was that if you have your CCRD translated here in TW, then the translation has to be notarized. Most translation offices can have this done for you as part of their service.

The TW police record is still applied for through the FAP. Takes 3-5 business days. As far as I can tell, that’s about all they do at the FAP now; two ladies sitting at desks in what used to be such a busy place! Pretty quiet there now that most of the services have been transfered to the NIA.