Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying

Aaargh! I’m not even in Taiwan yet and Chinese is making me mad! The simplicity is screwing me up. It seems too, well, simple. Genders, give me genders with my nouns…

Sure. Don’t despair, just stay the male course, and you’ll achieve female success. I too wish that more languages were like German.

This post is also relevant to your question:
Transgender terminology

But seriously, if you’re looking for complexity, try to master measure words. According to the Gouyu Ribao Liangci dictionary, there are over 500 in use today, about 120 of which are “basic”. Or check out the thread about Chinese idioms.

And for Christ sake, drink something!

well, just because it looks easy, doesn’t really mean it’s easy…=)
the difficult part is not how to say it in chinese, but how to say it the chinese way.