Parent haikus

My brother e-mailed me a pdf file of haikus by parents from the Spring 2005 issue of Brain Child. Never heard of the mag, but I like some of the haikus, so I’ll share them with you.

Need a business card
Pull out a pacifier
You’ve got my number

       [i] Bernadette Noll, Austin[/i]

Graham crackers and juice.
When combined will form a paste
Stronger than Elmer’s

        [i]Erica Hale, Salt Lake City[/i]

This toy should be tossed
on the floor with all the rest.
Ah, toddler feng shui

Lisa Sharkey, East Windsor, NJ

Mom, I do love you
But please don’t hug me like that
My friends will see you

         [i]Marian Gormley, Falls Church, VA[/i]

I don’t want to go!
Torture device with buckle
The car seat awaits

         [i]  Stacy Lewis, Seattle[/i]

Sagging, deflated
Fold them up into my bra
Yes, they are my boobs

           [i] Michelle Napi, Fair Lawn, NJ[/i]

Your hands, your tiny
fingers tightly close around
one of mine. I’m home.

           [i]Gretchen Hess, Sacramento[/i]

No, you may not! No!
I really mean it this time!
Well, okay, I guess.

            [i]Laura Mueller, Dummerston, VT[/i]

Pregnant with the third.
Horizontal parenting,
Nauseous on the couch

            [i]Elizabeth Smith, Lakewood, CO[/i]

Toddler will not nap.
Too quiet, where did he go?
Asleep under chair.

          [i]Barbara Dornan, Dearborn, MI[/i]

So, do we have any poet parents out there on Forumosa?