Parental arc?

Hi all here on am marriage ARC allmost 8 and still an English speaker due to a disability years now my wife is Taiwanese but with a divorcee in mind
local people are telling me i can get parental ARC due tho the face my 2 kids are both american and Taiwan nationals

dose any one know if thesis true and if it is how to do it

what steps are needed?

Family members can sponsor arcs for relatives. You should ask in the immigration department for the forms that you need to fill out and the supporting documents - in Chinese - that you need. Take a look at this link: The relevant part that should work for you is the bit that talks about “joining family”.

ive lived here in Taipei for 8 years or more the thing is my wife wants a divorcee and for me to take the 2 kids (she wants her life back) now im trying to stay in Taiwan without a marriage ARC
this link you sent will not open

however i have bin to the main office in Taipei to ask these questions on a parental ARC or even an APRC no one understands i Will need to go with a translator…

Try changing the https to become http. That worked for me on Firefox.

I’ve heard that getting an ARC based on being a parent to young kids is possible, but I’ve never heard much about anyone actually doing that. I suggest you take a translator and ask as many questions as you can at the NIA.

thank you that worked :slight_smile:

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