Parental interference just when things were going well

Actually, you win–you won’t have to be stuck with a shithead for a father-in-law.


Just want to echo an earlier comment about your handling of the situation. Your posts on this topic have been among the most caring, mature, and balanced that I’ve seen here. Nice job. Sorry this situation is causing you pain. Having to lose something good due to ignorance, prejudice, or some other incomprehensible reason is never easy.

Hang in there,


You sound like a reasonable and intelligent guy. Easy come, easy go. You’ll move on in no time! :wink:

Good luck, Allbringer!

Since we are on the topic. I think it’s quite normal for parents to feel that way about their daughters bf, whether it be Chinese or foreigner. But I think it’s worse for a foreigner cause the parents probably don’t speak English and won’t be able to communicate with the bf and won’t be able to question the bf with something like “Are you going to marry my daughter?”, and they don’t really know his backgroud, so they panic and take their daughter away.

That’s quite true but it’s also my understand that Asians tend to be very attacted to the ideas surrounding ‘traditions’ and there is this attitude that westerners can’t understand tradition because they aren’t ‘asian’. Whatever the thinking is over here, it probably stems from not being exposed enough to various culture/personality types so that one can make decisive choice

Using traditions as a tool to exclude somebody is called racism.

You can’t understand this or that because your not Chinese, you can’t do that because your not Chinese yada yada yada…

So Asians can understand western culture but the reverse is not true?

Many of the locals in Taiwan are just plain bigots and racists, or can’t you remember that friend of yours telling you how her skin was fair because she didn’t get in the sun. Oh, and she says that to a black woman…

You shoulda stomped on her…