Parents names on naturalised ID cards

On the Taiwan national ID, the name of both parents are written in Chinese on the back. If you are a naturalised citizen, with foreigner parents, how do they write the names? There isn’t enough space for English names. Do you get to pick Chinese names for your parents?

Wouldn’t surprise me if they just left it blank

Or maybe one of the honours of becoming a citizen is picking Chinese names for your parents.
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I know from experience that, yes, you need to come up with Chinese names for your parents – in Chinese characters, of course.

Lol, looking forward to that

Isn’t there an exception for aborigines?

Yes, your parent’s names must be included in the back of the ID and it must be in Chinese…so you will have to choose your parent’s Chinese names. You do this right after your 1-year period on your TARC is over and you have to apply for the 定居證 (Certificate of continuous residence in the ROC) from the NIA by filling out this form. Make sure you write their Chinese names correctly on the form as this information will be used later when you apply for your ID.
My parents are both ethnically Chinese so they already have Chinese names but their Chinese names do not appear on any of their official documents (Birth certificates, passports etc) and the HHR does not check if the Chinese name you picked actually matched with their IDs…So that means you can pick any Chinese name you want, it doesn’t matter.