Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons

I wonder why.

I wonder if anything about teenage girls could increase stress?


teenage boys, for starters. i can remember a couple of looks from a couple of dads…

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If fathers were really more likely to take off because they preferred sons, surely they wouldn’t wait 13 years to do so,”

How did they get there?

The article explains why. But I wonder how much of this falls into the fallacy of correlation equaling causation. These small sample studies always get a lot of clicks on news sites, but don’t seem particularly academic. I have a daughter, so I guess I’ll find out if this is true in about a decade.


Exactly right. Typical hollow science. Although it does seem to be expected common topic of agreement that boys are physically tiring, whereas girls are psychologiclly tiring. Added to the brain phuck daughters like to play, as a dad of a daughter i think about her future partner onthe daily. Out of worry, as i know as a man what we think about about. Would be lying i i said i didnt have a plan B for future asshole boyfriend…and that must surely play a role in relationship stress. Especially in a land of mini binlang scooter michael jackson wannabes.




Older men are more likely to have sons (for obvious evolutionary reasons) and older people are less likely to divorce?

Just brain farting for fun.

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Knock on wood. Are you, like, totally not superstitious? :open_mouth:


Not sure if there’s a similar saying in Chinese, but in Japanese they say “一姫二太郎”: best to have a daughter first and then a son. The wisdom being that baby girls cry less and fall sick less often than baby boys, so they are easier to raise as babies.

Let me guess: 6 feet under, fertilizing a Zanthoxylum armatum shrubbery?

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Thats freaky man. Change to metric, a slight adjustment for a native species and include a mountain and not far off…

Just joshin, harhar… :zipper_mouth_face:

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182.88 centimetres under, fertilizing a… Wait, didn’t you want to plant Sichuan pepper in Taiwan? I’m still waiting for non-chinese ones to become available…

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Meant change feet to meters. No one is burrying abusive shitheads 6 feet and/or on land connected to them. A daughters security isnt the time to play amateur hour, come on. The idea is deeply in mountains, but western thinking certainly doesnt take into account taiwans geography and weather, land erosion is real. Do as the locals do, pigs or rivers in torrential rains. But dont do as the locals do, and involve 3rd parties for every discussion, meaning no pigs. Just be a man and take out a peice of trash quietly.

See what having a daughter does to a man! I wish feminists were right and.we could live in a world of equality, unfortunately men get raped far less than women. And as such, getting daughters to suffer nd push is worth while, not just push the sexist norm of pamper girls. I want my daughter well schooled in physical arts (martial and work) so i dont need to buy an unregistered vehicle and plan a massive waste of time to protect her from the current social norms. Ideally, society will mature. But honestly i dont see millions of years of culturl norms in our lineages changing these couple decades…

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I’m sure there are male-dominated cultures where this is less true; prisons for starters, probably some sports teams (whichever ones you hate, dear reader), maybe sometimes the military, places like Saudi Arabia where the women are kept protected for precisely this reason, cowboys, etc.

Thats why i said less… guess who rapes men in prison, the military, catholic school and etc…men. in many female dominated cultures rape likely isnt the case either. Men enjoy meaningless sex far more than women in general.

As a man i have no issue denying this as i dont rape people. But it is a pretty well known cultural norm globaly. Men and women are just different. There shouldnt be any shame in that. And it shouldnt be taboo to discuss, which is probably one reason so many men are basket cases and become perverts.

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