Parents' Place Activities for Children 2013

Parents’ Place is a family community center run by Angie Chang, a Canadian living in Taiwan with her three children. Angie started Parents’ Place as a place where English-speaking families can meet and share experiences, as well as letting their children meet other kids in similar situations. We have children who are homeschooled, children attending local public school, children attending international schools, babies, toddlers, and children up to Junior High School age, all coming along to events.

Whether you are visiting, staying short-term, or long-term residents, you are most welcome to come along to anything going on. The space is also available for rent for birthday parties, mums-days-off, or board games meets. Here is a list of regular stuff for 2013:

Every Tuesday morning, 10am-12 noon: FREE PLAY. Bring your preschooler along to play in the toy area while you meet a few new friends. Bring yourself a coffee and a snack for your child. (There is a Stepping into Literacy class running for preschool/kindergarten age kids from 10am-11am)

Every second Monday of the month, 3:30-5pm: BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUP. Come along and meet a lovely group of moms who are breastfeeding their youngsters. Get help from experienced mothers, share your own challenges and successes, and chat about living in Taiwan, too.

Social events: Come along to any of our dinners held for parents or parents-to-be throughout the year.

Classes: There is a wide range of classes: Birth classes, baby signing, art for toddlers, Writer’s Workshop for elementary students, English in Action for elementary-aged kids struggling with English, Pre-natal and Post-partum excercise, Boot Camp excercise… We also run workshops that are free or with minimal charge throughout the year. If you have a skill you would like to teach a motivated, curious group of English-speaking children, feel free to contact me via PM. (We’ve run magic, writing, drama, cooking and so on over the past year.)

The best way to stay up-to-date is to join the Facebook Page:
Address: 2F, No. 315, Section 4, ChenGong Rd, Neihu District, 台北市內湖區成功路四段315號2F, Taipei, Taiwan 114
Tel: 0987 576 771

We are excited to offer four workshops over summer! Dates: July 15th (Monday) and July 17th (Wednesday). July 22nd (Monday) and July 24th (Wednesday). Dates are tentative based on securing six students. Please sign up for the first workshop by Thursday, July 11th.

Each workshop will run for three hours, from 2pm until 5pm.

All workshops are suitable for children four (4) years and older. Workshops are all in English.

Cost is NTD1,000 per workshop. There will also be a NTD50-100 fee to cover materials each workshop.

The four workshops are independent, so you can come to one or all workshops.

Minimum of six (6) sign ups are needed to offer the workshop. Payment can be made on the day, but prepayment at Parents’ Place is preferable. The teacher (Sunghee Min) is running these on good faith, so please make sure you will come to the workshop and pay before signing up.

To sign up, either send me a PM, email Sunghee at Please leave a way to contact you (email/tel.)

Workshop One (Monday July 15th):

Clay modeling of a portrait head: Building an armature (inside structure to support the clay outside) using cardboard, straws, newspapers, and masking tape.

Brief picture introduction to works by professionals.
Quick demonstration of different clay tools.
Draw/write/sketch what you want finished work to look like.
Learn about basic facial anatomy.
Hollowing out the finished work and drying.

Workshop Two (Wednesday July 17th):

Clay carving and vessel building: Building containers using clay that is hard enough to hold up forms without supporting structures.
Kids will carve, engrave, make holes, stick nails, etc to finish the surface.

Workshop Three (Monday July 22nd):

Acrylic Painting on canvas: Introduction to Pointillism and the painter Georges Seurat.
Black and white drawing or painting on paper.
Discussion and planning of project for workshop 4.

Workshop Four (Wednesday July 24th):

Collaborative installation using recycled material: This will be a fun, open-possibility project.

About the teacher:
Sunghee Min is an established artist and sculptor with experience in teaching both in college and with her own children at home. To read a bit more about her and to see some of her work, go to:

About Parents’ Place:
An activity center for kids, parents and parents-to-be.
2F, No. 315, Section 4, ChenGong Rd, Neihu District, 台北市內湖區成功路四段315號2F, Taipei, Taiwan 114

The art workshops are delightful!

Here is the outline for workshop 3, to be held on Monday. Please get in touch with us if you would like to put your child in this workshop.

Art Workshops for kids by Sunghee Min Summer 2013 at Parents’ Place

Workshop #3 (July 22nd, Monday)

*This workshop will have two projects.

Project 1 “Life-size self portrait”

In the beginning, two kids will work together. One kid will lie on a large piece of paper and and his or her partner will trace along the body outlines. They will finish the project by painting, cutting and
gluing. I will also show some images of the paintings by Georges Seurat and his unique technique (lots of little dots/pointillism). Kids will be encouraged to use the technique.

Snack & getting to know the artist Andy Goldsworthy.
We will watch a 4 minute long movie “Rivers and Tides” by the nature/land artist Andy
Goldsworthy. He is one of our most influential contemporary artists and there are many things
that kids can easily relate to (both his works and process). One example is that he uses his spit for gluing!

Project 2 “Painting on canvas”

Open subject and creativity. Kids will love the bumpy texture of canvas they paint on! They will use acrylic paint which drys faster than water color paint so kids will have less frustration dealing with wet paint.

If there’s time we will make a cardboard cover for the sketchbooks. So please have your kids bring their sketchbooks. New students will receive one in class.

There won’t be any outdoor activities due to road construction near the park.

*Please have your kids bring the items below to every workshop.

  1. One hand towel.
  2. Color pencils or Crayons or any drawing supply that your kids prefer.
  3. A large bag to take finished works home.
  4. A light nut-free snack. Sharing is not encouraged so please pack just enough for your kid or kids.
  5. A water bottle.
  6. A cardboard box ( about 20cm x20cm ~ 30cmx30cm ) to carry finished clay works home if your kids came to one of the clay workshops.

*If yours kids are coming to workshop 4, please collect recycled packaging stuff (fruit trays like you get with fruit at the supermarket. Meat ones are not recommended). We need as much as possible. I have enough to go for the project but the more the better. I have more than enough newspapers so no need to bring more.

Here is our latest schedule. We have a free trial for family yoga this Sunday at 11am, so please sign up today or tomorrow if you would like to try it out.