Paris 1930 and the other Ritz Landis restaurants

Is that about standard for a meal there (not including wine)? How does Paris 1930 compare in terms of price, atmosphere, and food to the other restaurants in the Landis? My wife’s birthday is approaching, but she’d probably be more pissed off than pleased if I spent more than NT$5,000 on a meal for two, bless her. :wink:

NT$2,500 is normal but I can say it is good value for the money. This does not even take into account the decor and the island’s best service. The place has panache, style, yet a certain amount of gravitas befitting Taipei’s top institution. This is aristocratic pearls compared with what passes for Hollywood diamonds at so many of Taipei’s marble and fountain wonders (what passes for top restaurant decor).

The Brasserie main courses (1F) are in the NT$500 to NT$800 range and are good but have never inspired me to the same level of ecstasy and the TienHsiangLo in B1 is extremely elegant, tasteful decor and top service (especially when you consider that it is a Chinese restaurant). We went there the other night and spent about NT$600 per person on food and about NT$1800 per person on wine. So if you can split a bottle of wine rather than drink one yourself you might be looking at NT$1,200 per person for something also top rate.


Thanks for the response.

I’ve eaten in the Landis only once, at a weiya last month. The cuisine was Chinese; everything was excellent.

I’m thinking mainly of Western food, though, so I may give Paris 1930 a try after all.

My august advice is to go with Paris 1930. Just cut out a few other things and live once in a while. This place is worth it.