Paris Hilton doing Hard Time

[quote]In her first public comments since a prison sentence, celebrity heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton has described her 45-day jail term for a driving related offence as cruel and unwarranted.

Visibly shocked and tearful, Hilton was sentenced on Friday to 45 days in jail after a judge ruled she knowingly violated her probation on a previous traffic offence by driving without a valid licence.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Michael Sauer rejected the 26-year-old socialite’s defence that she did not realise her licence was suspended and ordered her to report to a county detention facility on June 5. . .

Her lawyer, Howard Weitzman, has said he will appeal “to modify the sentence.”

Hilton’s mother Kathy voiced her anger at the ruling over the weekend.

This is pathetic and disgusting, a waste of taxpayers’ money with this nonsense. It is a joke,” she told

Hilton’s fans began sending messages of support as news of the jail term spread.

One fan, Joshua Capone, wrote to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking him to intervene and keep Hilton out of jail.

She provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives,” Capone wrote in the letter, posted online on Hilton’s MySpace page.

Hilton quickly responded on her MySpace page.

I just want to thank Joshua so much for his kind words of love and support. God Bless. Love Paris.”

At the hearing, the star of the reality TV show The Simple Life said she was unaware her driving privileges had been completely suspended when police stopped her for driving without headlights on February 27.

They impounded her blue Bentley after discovering she was driving on a suspended licence. . .

Hilton was sentenced in January to three years probation after pleading no contest - the equivalent of a guilty plea - to alcohol-related reckless driving last September.[/quote] … 916319.htm

Boo hoo hoo. I hope she breaks a nail. :cry:

Hard time? Don’t think so … now she has 45 days to do here nails and hair … and adjust to the simple life …

Wowsers. 45 WHOLE days?

Nooo, 45 HOLE days … :slight_smile:

The world is coming to an end. We’ll be deprived of Paris for a month and a half!

I can feel my world collapsing around me.

Now all those paparazzi rendered unemployed by Paris Hilton’s jail stay will go after Britney Spears I guess.

I don’t even know who this person is. I’m guessing she’s just some spoiled little celebrity brat who had it coming.

If that were me, in Taiwan, I’d have a bullet in the back of my head.

Bubba’s Letter to Paris,

Dear Paris,
Sorry to hear about your recent incarceration. It sucks doesn’t it, especially the part when they process you ask you a lot of personal questions and look up your back door. I’ve seen that video and you probably couldn’t hide much anyway.

The California prison system is one of the largest in the world.

Some of the women’s prisons do get a bit crowded, up to 157%. There’s a lot of sexual misconduct in the prisons so don’t be surprised if you recieve some gentlemen callers at night. You might want to send these folks a check after they let you out they are trying to stop this kind of thing.

The showers will be a bit interesting. Male guards will watch you shower. I personally don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen your breasts so don’t be surprised if they don’t offer you bribes for what they call “peep shows”. This might not bother you since you got famous off the internet showing it. It will however very much bother your prison mates, 60% of them have been in one way or another sexually abused.

There are diseases in prison that they may or may not have up in 90210, hepatitis is one nasty one.
So be careful with sharing meals with anyone…oh… I forgot for a moment who you are, other than your bedroom antics I don’t think “sharing” is in your vocabulary.

Be glad that you don’t have children many of your prison mates do and they are in foster homes being raised by strangers.

A lot of them also have sons, brothers, husbands and fathers in jail too. When they get out they won’t have as much to look forward to as you do.

You got loaded, you drove your expensive car like an idiot, you got caught. Well if you think all the publicity is bad-(you are still the focus of the media feeding your attention-vampire like hunger) wait until are really humiliated by the California Prison System.
Heck you even got Old Bubba’s attention and I’m writing you a goddam letter.
This judge is doing you a favor, too bad you learned it too late in life. It’s a shame there wasn’t ever anyone around you who told you “No” in your life. You needed someone in your life to tell you to stop.

If your relatives ever show up to visit, they’ll be rudely treated and ordered around too.

I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health. I’m sorry your social calender will be full this next month. I’ll be having a great time in my mundane and “FREE” life. Come around for a BBQ and beer when you get out.

A few tips, brush up on your Spanish, make friends with the cholo girls quickly (bribes always help) and never ever ask them about their tear drop tattoos on their eyes.


Bubba 2 Guns

No offense, but you sound like my mother.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2
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Exhibit 3
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"One fan, Joshua Capone, wrote to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking him to intervene and keep Hilton out of jail.

She provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives,” Capone wrote in the letter, posted online on Hilton’s MySpace page. "[/quote]

It’s pretty much the end of civilization as we know it when some skanky brainless tart like Paris Hilton is held up as a model example of beauty & excitement.
More like excessive mediocrity & nausea.
People like Mz. Hilton should serve their time in the public stocks, as in medieval times.
Her fans should be in charge of handing out the rotten eggs and rancid tomatoes.
Tossers, they are.

Episode 1 ; Hilton doing Paris
Episode 2 ; Hilton doing Prison

Will sell it? i wanna pre-order for sure.
Smack that little bi-atch

Nothing is more laughable than that quote. What a f**king joke!

That this “skanky brainless tart” (credit to TheGingerMan) gets any attention from the public at all, is just beyond me. Hope, beauty, and excitement are words I would not associate with trash like Paris Hilton. :thumbsdown:

Can’t wait for the prison sex tape.


[quote]An online petition was launched . . . [color=red]urging Schwarzenegger to grant the celebrity hotel heiress a pardon. [/color]

However, the California Governor, star of the Terminator action flicks, has said he won’t be coming to the rescue of the embattled socalite, news agency AFP reported.

. . . [color=red]AFP reported Schwarzenegger as saying. . . "I have many more important things to think about[/color]." [/quote]

The nerve! Citizens pay his high salary with their tax dollars, but he’s too busy to save Paris. :raspberry:

Let’s just hope George Bush will step in and save the day. :America:

A year ago I had no idea who she was. Her daddy owns the Hilton hotel chain. Basically she’s just a female version of the red headed kid from the partidge family.

Larry King just did a show about her doing time. Now she’s been spotted at the gym, working out twice a day and getting advice from Patty Hurst. :unamused:

I’m wondering what the Vegas odds are on how much jail time she’ll actually serve ?

It aint right for celebrities to go to prison. They are famous and bemuse us.
I think we need a separate law system for really famous people. They should be able to do what they want - even if they accidentally kill 3 or 4 people – just as long as we get to watch them all the time.

For example lets say you’re a famous ex football player living in California and you kill your wife and her boyfriend. You should be able to get off and move to Florida… never mind it would never happen.

It’s very likely considering how brain dead she is.

perhaps she can star in a new Wes Craven movie.