Paris/Stockholm Any Suggestions

I know there may have been a few posts on this already. Anyway I am heading to Stockholm and then Paris in a few weeks does anyone have any suggestions for good cheap food or of the beaten path sightseeing.

Cheap food is hard to come by in Sweden. There is no such thing as dumplings for 20 NT. By local standards Kebab is the cheapest food you can get, pizza also gives you bang for your bucks. During lunch time most restaurants offer specials which can be very nice.

As for of the beaten path sightseeing it depends on what kind of things you like. But generally just walk through the different areas of the city and feel the vibe instead of going for certain sights. My part of the city, Vasastan, has lots of nice cafés and small shops.

Didn’t know about 7-11 but it’s very popular for young Swedes to go to Norway and sort fish. You might think it’s a minimum wage job but you actually get pretty well paid. Of course you have to endure the smell and so on. It’s sort of the same thing as being Canadian and going to Taiwan to teach English (did that come out bad?).

As for 7-11, even here in Sweden it’s not a minimum wage job, we have laws enforcing higher salaries when working late hours. I suspect that the people you’ve seen doing that job are supporting some hardcore partying for a year before returning to study.