Parkbus Taiwan

Parkbus Taiwan is a great project allowing people without their own means of transport get into mountain areas for hiking trips. I have done tours by local tour operators in the past. Some experiences where OK, others not so, including ear-blasting karaoke sessions and pit-stops at tourist traps. So it’s great that there is an alternative catering perhaps more to what expat outdoor lovers have in mind. Has anyone here been on one of their outings?

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I have. Nice folks. My only problem is some of the big noses on the bus don’t want to mix.

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it is a very nice initiative, especiallyfor solo travelers, however for 2 or more people it might cheaper to just rent a car for the day.

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With bears? Might be odor-related…?

Yeah, that’s something we often encounter when visiting places around Taiwan, some foreigners just pretend you are not even there, looking right through you, which of course is a bit more difficult on a bus.

The best Parkbus trips are where everyone pals up.

Actually I’ve only been on two :rofl:

But no karaoke on the bus, right? That would be a deal breaker for me. Absolutely hate it, unless it’s reasonably low volume, but it never is.