Parking Fine

While I was sitting in my apartment in Geelong, my car apparently found it’s own way to Taipei and parked itself illegally - and then found it’s way back to exactly where it came from. My word against whoever wrote down the wrong number?? Do I just pay the $600 and hope it does not happen too often??

What sort of evidence do you have to back up your statement of the facts? Are you willing to go through the trouble (and expense) of the appeal process?

Well I have a Geelong parking docket for 5.40pm - the ticket is for 7.30pm - but I guess it is not worth the trouble - just like when you get a 2 hour parking docket at 7.40 am and you have arrived to collect your just before 8am when the meters are supposed to start.

PS what is Ford (as in car make) in Chinese - as best I can figure from the ticket it was a “small white usefull car” which also describes mine.

When ever my wife has received a parking ticket, she has also received a photograph in the mail too, just to prove it. I have also seen the police taking photos of cars before they are towed and also of bikes parked in front of doorways.

Did you get a photo in the mail??

Seems my car got itself a parking docket and forgot to pay.