Parking lot - discrimination for being a foreigner

Long story short: the company that manages the parking lot where I’ve been parking my car for years is asking users to join a lottery for assigning again parking spaces, so I may or may not keep my monthly access as a registered user. Since I’m a resident in the li (tai?), I also have a discount. However a friend talked to them yesterday and brought up the discount, the guy at the counter talked to someone and got back to us saying that ssince I’m a foreigner I’m not eligible to said resident discount. “New rule”, he said. I say bullshit.

In case I cannot deal with this on my own with another guy at the parking lot who isn’t retarded (his supervisor or coworker told us one time this guy is an idiot xD), is there a government office dealing with xenophobic discrimination or something like that? I kinda remember reading something along those lines.


They pretty much work pro discrimination.

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Love you tando!

Is there any people I can talk to in person?

assuming you live in taipei

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Administrative Litigation Act

if your live in ntc,


What a prick eh.


Just talked to them, different people from yesterday same bullshit. I asked them to show me where it said discounts only applies to nationals, there’s no such rule written anywhere but they use as an excuse that the application rules say you need to show your your id card.

Problems with this:

  1. In the English version of the simplified rules they do translate it as “resident id card” lol
  2. Since the rules in Chinese say national id card, and no ARC or APRC anywhere, and following their logic, I couldn’t apply to the normal fee parking space either

I asked for a document stating that the discounted fee was denied. Will contact the government soon, but it’s CNY!


If there is a lottery and local’s discount it sounds like this is a public-private partnership, generally the local government owns the land and contracts running of the car park to a private company. I park in a similar scheme and they brought in the lottery last year too ~ apparently it’s a long existing rule that wasn’t being followed by most car parks. The “discount” is a subsidy by the local government so not up to the car park guys to decide who gets it or doesn’t although they obviously can assist. The last company that ran my local car park helped apply for the discount for me even though I didn’t actually live in their local li…The new company wouldn’t do it however they did suggest using another car park they run that is in the same li as my home in order to get the discount.

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maybe not that but this

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Wellcome back! Glad to see you posting links to Chinese content again. That’s serious, I was disappointed you actually left.
IF it was you that left. My memory has had a stack overflow for years.