Parliaments of Shame

Taiwan isn’t alone in the parliaments of shame factor:

Minister and MP scuffle in chamber
By Andrew Clennell
October 19, 2005

A National Party MP, Andrew Fraser, apologised to State Parliament last night after an altercation with the Minister for Roads, Joe Tripodi, during which he manhandled the minister.

Mr Fraser’s position in the shadow ministry was in doubt after the incident, which happened near the Speaker’s chair in the Legislative Assembly.

Mr Tripodi said Mr Fraser had grabbed him around the neck and chest and pushed him around.

Umm, that’d be the same parliament where the leader of the opposition resigned after labelling the state premier’s Malaysian-born wife a “mail-order bride”. He later attempted suicide.


MODS!! Why split this off. I posted it quite deliberately in the Taiwan LY thread (or I think I did) to show Taiwan is not alone in parliamentary madness. Don’t think it works as a stand alone for anything.