Part time job over the summer?

Hi everyone!

I’m a Taiwanese-American (1st generation born in US) high schooler and I’ll be in Taiwan for about five weeks this summer. For the first 2wks I’ll be busy volunteering, but after that I pretty much don’t have anything to do besides visiting relatives (and I don’t need that much time to do that).

Are there any part-time jobs I can do(preferably in Taichung, Taipei, or Miaoli)? I’m currently 16 years old and I speak fluent English and Mandarin (plus some Japanese, if that helps)

Thanks for any possible help!

I wish I know where to find a temporary part time job in Taiwan… every employers in Taiwan won’t hire anyone it seems unless you are willing to commit for at least a year. That’s why those who aren’t conscripted yet have difficulty finding a job. I assume you have ROC citizenship be careful of conscription laws, research that before you come or else you may get denied exit!

Thanks for the information!

I don’t have ROC citizenship- all I have is the passport which allows me to stay there longer than a US passport.

Is it possible to get a job at say a local 7/11, family mart, or another convenience store? Are there any regulations about that?

I don’t know… you could sure try… you can even look in too

You could look out for a teaching assistant job at some schools for their summer camp programs. You might have some luck here. … hing-jobs/

Good luck

You write better English than a lot of the “native speaker” old-timers here. :wink: :thumbsup:

you’re 16 and here for 5 weeks? how many times have you been to taiwan? you aren’t going to make crap at a part-time job here, if you can even find one that lasts 3 weeks or less. mos burger pays like ~NT100/hr…i have to assume 7/11 is similar. not worth your time for 3 weeks.

i say ask mom and dad for some extra money (a couple hundred USD will do) and enjoy your short time out here. take the mrt to random places if you’ve been to all the regular tourist sites already.

I don’t think the OP is active in this forum anymore. I was gonna ask him if he was visiting Taiwan through this program.