Part time teachers, how many hours do you work per week?

Are you a full time part time teacher? Or are you satisfied with 20 hrs per week?

Now I’ve got some interesting offers, but if I take them all, I’ll be working 40 hrs a week and the goal is 20-.

Just wondering how people balance work and life. Should I go after the money or the fun? I’d probably chose the fun if not for covid. But now that I don’t have much places to go…

How many hrs do you work?
Also, is it possible to work at a school for less than 10 hrs/week?

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Last job 18 hours M-Sat and had to take the bus to different places.

This job before covid 30 hours M-F this job actually pays less but the more hours and no need for bus save a lot of time and energy.

It’s up to your own preference. Maybe you would have been okay with my first job but meh at the one I’m at. You just need to keep in account if you need to take bus and if you’ll be at multiple locations that really takes away your free time. Then most schools make you work Saturday even if just a few hours it can kill your mood and waste half the day.

Also I love broccoli lol

Oh I missed the 10 hours. Legally I think you have to work 12 to even get ARC

No more busses thanks to the covid. The only merit out of that stupid virus lol. I’m a citizen so I don’t need to worry about ARC. I just need to know there are people as lazy as me so I can feel better :joy:


I was working 35 hours in the classroom before covid. Now I’m down to 20 hours a week and it feels great.


How do you deal with the income drop?

40 hours of teaching is brain-melting, no? Depends on how many kids, online/in-person, breaks included, and of course the hourly rate.


Actual teaching 40 hours a week !!!
That is astounding, or does that include office hours? Your brain is either amazingly powerful or dead lol :wink:

That’s what I’m trying to avoid lol. No office hour nor invisible work. The perks of a part time teacher. It’s actually only 30 something hours but still… don’t wanna :joy:

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20 to 25 hours a week can be decent money. And if not much prep you can have times to do other things with your life.


Yeah I guess I’ll talk to the second school and see if they could give me less hours then.

I’ve got my own school so my ship is sinking atm. I just bail the water and hope to get into port before I’m in Davey Jones’ locker.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

How much time do you work? I am also planning on boarding the Flying Dutchman. It’ll be nice to know how Davey Jones treats his crews…

I’d like to have my own school in a year or so. All online courses so I don’t need to worry about the regulations. And also it’ll be (COVID) virus free.

Btw it seems like most Taiwanese teachers work 30 hrs per week, regardless of what they teach.

It’s a catch-22…
The teacher I know that teaches 27 hours complains about lack of money. The teacher I know working 40 hours complains about lack of time.

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I think that teachers shouldn’t have more than 15 hours a week in the classroom.

That would make them average Taiwan slaves, even at 1000/hr. The quality of teachers is already terrible. If you limit them to 40-50K a month that quality would decrease even more and very rapidly.

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Wow I didn’t know 40 hrs is phisically possible :open_mouth: